Paint Nite will be happening every other Monday starting April 21st!

There is a ton of buzz surrounding the new hit dining experience known as “Paint Nite.” If you haven’t attended a Paint Nite before, this is a event you don’t want to miss! Here are the details…
“In just about two hours, while you’re sipping on a cocktail, our performing artists will guide you through each painting so that you come up with your own unique masterpiece at the end of the night that you will be amazed YOU created.
We provide everything you will need: canvas, paints, brushes and even a smock. You just bring your fun loving friends and have a few cocktails to keep the spirits high and inhibitions to a minimum and we’ll make sure your inner Picasso is unleashed. It’s all simple and completely stress free! Everyone gets a gold star!” —
Absolutely no painting experience is needed, and we take care of all supplies.

Paint Nite (every other Monday night)


Monday April 21st

7-9 pm | $33.75 per ticket

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